Friday, August 22, 2014

Personal Fakes are Back!

Back by popular demand, Personal Fakes are now available for a short time!
Don't see your favorite celebrity? Well now you can buy your very own fakes!

Once again, here are the rules and instructions:

- A maximum of 5 fakes can be ordered at a time by a single person.

- Your order should be done between 1-2 days.

- All orders must be of celebrities over the age of 18.

-Each celebrity counts as $1, so if you order 1 fake and request 2 celebrities in that fake, then that 1 fake will be $2 because there are 2 celebrities in that fake.

-A maximum of 2 celebrities can be in 1 fake. If you want celebrities paired, you must mention it or else they will all be individual.

-If you want a non-celebrity fake, the picture you supply must be clear and usable. The fake will only be as good as the picture you supply. Make sure the face is in a good position, it's clear, good lighting, etc.

-You cannot request certain positions for your celebrities to pose in. All single celebrities will be posing naked, and all paired celebrities will either be posing naked or having sex, depending on what usable nude models I find.

How to Order:

-Select how many fakes you want on the box to the right and order them.

-You MUST send me an email at immediately after you order. In the email, please include your name, how many fakes you ordered, and the names of the celebrities you want faked. Your email must include all of this information.

-When your fakes are ready, I will reply to your email with the fakes attached.

Any questions should be emailed to me at

*Any unsatisfaction with your fakes will not lead to a refund. All sales are final.
*If you lose your fakes for any reason, the fakes will not be sent again, as they are deleted immediately after being sent.