The Fakes 3 is a blog that displays fake, nude pictures of male celebrities. All of the celebrities shown on this blog are 18+ years of age. This blog was created for entertainment purposes only and any harm or problems caused to anybody by this blog is unintentional.  I do not claim any knowledge of the sexuality or lives of the celebrities depicted. I do not know any of these celebrities. All art I make is a parody of the original celebrity picture.

- Notice that each fake has an official "The Fakes 3" stamp on them. Anybody is allowed to use my fakes but must keep the stamp on and untouched.

- Each fake is hand created personally by myself, so everything you see here is exclusive to this blog.

- Any personal information (phone numbers, emails, etc.) posted by anyone will be deleted.

- Any rude comments will be deleted.

- I read all comments/email almost immediately after you post/send them.  Just because I don't reply or respond, doesn't mean I haven't seen them.

- My blog is called "The Fakes 3" because I've had two previous blogs in the past, making this number three.